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We are representative and supporting for Fiber Optic and Photonics Test Equipments, Electronic Test & Measuring Equipments, AC Power Sources and IEC/EN Safety Test Equipments. We have provided the system integration & solution to Communication, Electrical and Electronic Industries in Thailand. Most of equipments can comply with IEC/EN and Other World Standards. The products are as followings,...

Fiber-optic Instrumentations.
JGR Optics JGR develops and manufactures high quality fiber-optic instrumentation for the unique demands of test and measurement environments. The current product offering includes back-reflection meters, flexible sources boxes and optical switches. In addition, JGR design and build custom products to the client's requests.

IEC / Safety Test Equipments.
TESTING is a manufacturer of special Quality testing equipment which is not generally available on the market. Our only business is the designing, development, and manufacturing of special test equipment with reference to IEC, CEE, EN, DIN,... standards. TESTING products included Glow wire tester, Needle flame & bunsen test, Tracking test, Many test fingers and so on.

Test & Measuring Equipments.
TSURUGA Tsuruga Electric Co., Ltd., established in 1960 in Osaka Japan, has been manufacturing reliable measuring instruments. We have a wide range of high-quality electronic equipment, which meets customer requirements for temperature measuring controls, digital indicator, process controller, recorder, signal conditioners, power transducers, and other test instruments. Thanks to those products range, we are top in digital indicator in Japan.

AC Power Sources.
PREEN - AC POWER Specialized in Power Electronics, AC Power Corp. has been developing products based on the its core technology of Power Conversion. Product Line include AC & DC Power Supplies, Power Supplies for Defense Industry, Renewable Energy Simulators, Line Conditioners and UPS.

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